This program makes the configuration and utilization of multiple connection to remote desktops easy. It's a rdesktop and tightvnc wrapper. You can configure almost all rdesktop parameters and copy/paste/rename connections. Stores password safely on kwallet. Save sessions and restore them with a simple menu click.


The author

I live in Italy, I'm cofounder of MontelLUG, Montebelluna Linux User Group. More information about me and my friends work on About page and MontelLUG site.

Newly added

Added support for templates creation, added support for remote config files retrieved with scp. Loads at runtime keymaps. Added support for quick connections.


Project features

  • Why this project: I'm a window clusters administrator, so I need a lot of similar RDP connections open simultaneously. I need to define some connection parameters of rdesktop no other UI give me. I need use local printers, shares and serial ports from RDP connection. I think a lot of people need the same things.
  • Why open source: I think someone interested can give me some help inserting USEFUL functions. I believe in innovative power of opensource.
  • What this software is: A wrapper of rdesktop and vnc with connections management facilities.
  • This software aims to be simple and fast. In a wordUsable

It permits to create connections defining almost all rdesktop and tightvncviewer parameters, in particular:

  • choosing printers to share from printers available in the system
  • choosing serial ports to share with connection (specifying device file)
  • choosing folders to share with connection
  • start session using single remote application like shell
  • creates a simple editable configuration file containing connections configuration
  • fast connection launching and printing error reporting
  • choosing encodings to use for connections (vnc only)
  • choosing compression and quality level
  • Set connection window dimensions with a slidebar, selecting custom values or setting fullscreen
  • Tray icon to easily start connections from a menu
  • Context menu on tray icon to show active connections
  • Save active connections in a session and easily restore the session by a click on a menu item
  • Copy/Cut/Paste connections in main form.
  • Fast connection start double clicking on the connection row
  • All password are saved with kwallet
  • Supports preinit and postend scripts for each connection
  • Set custom arguments
  • Create connections template to reuse for creation of new connections
Official documentation about the program can be found in Documentation.

That's all folks!



Site News

After all comes version 1.7 where there are some bugs and upgrade. Catch it!

I've made a mistake :-(, the new version is the number 1.6, not 1.7! Sorry!

Released new Documentation for version 1.7! Contains all new features previously undocumented.

Released version 1.7! Added support for custom options, added size of windows in desktop percent for RDP and some bugfix.

Released version 1.5! Added internationalizazion, folders on connections list, custom ssh and rdesktop program and many more.

Released version 1.4! Now added the possibility to create template connections and to start unconfigured connections.

Released version 1.3! Increased support for sessions by adding a session list and a context menu to manage it.

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