Krd Configuration

You can access configuration form for krd throw the action in the Edit menu.

The edit menu in main form.

The configuration form is organized in tabs each one cotaining settings about an aspect of krd.

General Tab

In the general tab you can choose to don't display the main form at startup and if showing a message if a connection ended with an error.

Configuration tab.

Custom Programs Tab

If your rdesktop or vncviewer or ssh executables aren't in a directory listed in PATH evironment variable, or if you want to use customized programs with some particular name, set here which files to use.

Custom programs tab.

Remote Configuration Files Tab

If you want to use a global configuration for krd, you can use this tab to set the host and path in which krd will search for configuration files at startup. krd will copy files using scp.

Remote configuration files tab.